CHM-250M Alu(Card)/PVC Packaging Machine

DPP250M flat-plate paper(AI)/PVCpackaging machine is our scientific research personnel develop from the original DPP250F standard modeI.based on market feedback combined with the development of a new roachiRe,DPP250M compared with the orginaI type,it has the advantage of widther packaging area,deeper forming,bigger traction length;we use the frequency controI,servo traction to pull the film and also the imported PLC control,touch screen’s widely used in pharmaeutical,cosmetic and commodity product packing.

Compact configuration,calm run,easy manipulation and convenient maintenance: Steplessly variable frequency sped regulating,PC circuit control panel(can be equipped with touch screen); Adjustable travel,mould spout location,convenient for changing moulds; Adopt manipulator grip,has accurate synchronization; With cylinder heat-sealing,the upper and lower checkers ensure the effect of heat-sealing; Can design any mould and feeder according to customer’S requirement.

Punching Frequency: 20time/min
Max Forming Depth: 210mm
Max Forming Depth: 38mm
Max Forming Area: 240*210mm
Total Power: Three-phase four-wire system 380V 50Hz 9Kw
Specificationa of Packing Material:
PVC 250*0.25(0.15~0.50mm)Standard Edition
PTP Alu Foil 250*0.02mm
Air-compressor: >=0.22m3/min
Pressure: 0.5-0.7MPa
Machinery Dimension: 5300*840*1670mm
Weight: 2500kg