CHZ-500 Automatic Vertical Filling and Sealing Packaging Machine.Mesin Pengisian dan Pembungkus Otomatis untuk serbuk/butiran

Mesin sachet renteng mini otomatis untuk produk butiran/serbuk harga murah.

1.Automatic Filling and Sealing
2.Low Cost and Low Speed Model.Compatible for Small and Medium Industrial Used
3.Easy to Installation, Easy to Used
4. Automatically Weigher

Product Characteristics:

1. Can used for all grain and powder product
2. Adopt Weighing control system technology .
3. Easy operation with reasonable price.
4. Ribbon date printer / collecting turntable is optional.
5. Best after-sale service, with one-year warranty, life-long maintenance
6. Optional : PLC and Global Brand Electrical Parts

Voltage :AC220V ,50HZ
Power :500W
Filling product : Granular / Powder
Filling Model : Vibration Drop
Filling Volume : 100-500gr
Filling Accuracy : +-1 gr
Filling Speed : 15-20 bags/minute
Machine Material : Stainless Steel
Film Type : filter bag/tea bag/plastic bag/alu foil
Sealing Type : Center Seal
Bag Size : Width 0-190mm, Length 0-220mm
Machine Weight : 75 kg
Machine Dimension : 460x590x1400mm

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