CHM-HLG-4A Automatic Viscocity liquid/oil/paste Filling Machine

Mesin pengisian minyak atau cairan lainnya ke dalam kemasan botol / kaleng / jar / dll.

The Head Piston Type Fully Automatic Filling Machine by our company after absorbing the world top technology. It applies piston type quantitative principle, and the electric parts and pneumatic parts are the world famous brands products and features PLC and human-machine interface control, original design, beautiful appearance, strong adaptability, simple operation, accurate filling capacity and convenient maintenance. It is widely used for filling various kinds of liquid, dope and paste(  namely Head dense catsup Fully Automatic Filling Machine). It can also fill semiliquid, paste, sauce with granule after

Setiap mesin akan ditentukan penggunaannya berdasarkan jenis kemasan (botol/kaleng/jar/dll), volume isi per kemasan, dan kecepatan yang dibutuhkan (jumlah hasil per jam)

Model Filling Range Filling Speed Filling Precision Others Remarks
CHM-HLG--4A 10-150ml 30-80 bottle/min ≤±1% Power Supply: 220v/50HZ Air Pressure: 4-6Mpa It is suitable for filling liquid, dope, Paste etc.
50-450ml 30-80 bottle/min
150-1000ml 30-70 bottle/min
250-2000ml 20-60 bottle/min
500-4500ml 20-60 bottle/min

liquid filling machine

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